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Remote Scribe Service

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Remote Scribe – From orthopedics to cardiology and everything in between, we support a wide range of specialties for group practices of all sizes.

As the industry pioneer in 2006, Princeton remains the leader in Remote Scribe services.

Dictate and we do the rest.

Providers are able to quickly dictate patient encounter data while our experienced, US-based medical scribes chart directly into your EHR system, as if the provider had charted it themselves. We are equipped to support any current EHR system and can customize our approach depending on your unique needs, templates and infrastructure. While most practices include all providers in the program, the service is easily customizable for a smaller number of providers, even just one.

We can also pull data from previous encounter notes to reduce what needs to be dictated and to limit the number of people that need to be in the exam room, like medical assistants and in-person scribes, which is increasingly important in today’s climate.

Remote Scribe Services

Don’t want to dictate? We’ve got you covered.

Our remote scribes are also able to work with a recording of the patient encounters and chart the data just like an in-person scribe in the exam room.

Why Remote Scribe?

The demands on providers seem to never-end: a constant push toward higher productivity, enhanced patient care, and lower costs. With the advent of EHR systems, providers were told this would make life easier, however the exact opposite has occurred. In fact, a 2017 report from the Annals of Internal Medicine found that every hour of patient face time resulted in two hours of desk/paperwork time for the clinician.

While EHR systems have become a beneficial tool for better practice management and patient care, it doesn’t pay to have high value providers doing data entry….

Remote scribe provides a low cost solution to this dilemma, drastically reducing the clerical burden on providers and complementing the utility of your EHR.

A focus on improving your bottom line…

  • Providers return to pre-EHR levels of efficiency.
  • Increased capacity of 2-3 patients per day (based on 2019 client data)
  • Ability to close notes rapidly, expediting billing and payments from insurance companies.

A focus on quality and patient care…

  • Improved patient visit quality with more provider face time.
  • Telehealth visit flexibility.

A quality of life issue…

  • Instead of spending hours a day staring into a screen, providers can focus on doing what they love: practicing medicine.
  • Decrease burnout and enhanced clinician work/life balance.

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We offer a no-strings-attached free trial period to show providers what’s possible and how, overall, we can contribute to your practice’s ongoing success. Request a consultation below.

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