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Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

Customized transcription services for hospitals, sole practitioners, IME providers, and more.
Whether you’re a radiology practice, physician group, hospital, sole practitioner, surgery center, IME provider, or counseling center, we can work with you to come up with a customized solution for all your transcription needs. We’ll supply you with free digital recorders, or work with whatever turnkey system you already have in place if that’s what you’re used to and comfortable with. Phone-in transcription is available too, as a main or supplemental option. Our quality assurance team (whose members each average 25 years of experience) reviews all documents containing blanks and also randomly spot-checks a good number of documents without blanks to ensure that our quality and accuracy exceed industry standards. (The industry standard of accuracy is 98%, with many transcription firms claiming 99%. We are proud of the fact that our accuracy is in the 99.9% range.) To ensure nothing slips between the cracks, we can utilize your clinical schedules to verify that all patient information contained in the reports (such as dates of birth, account numbers, name spellings, etc.) is correct. We will also check the accuracy of all referring physician names and addresses. We can additionally reconcile the dictation we received against information about what patients were seen to ensure that nothing is missing, and fax copies of your reports directly to referring physicians. It moreover goes without saying that HIPAA compliance will be maintained throughout every step of the transcription process. At our company, we take the issue of privacy and security with respect to patient medical records seriously, and will gladly sign and adhere to any special confidentiality agreement you may have. Finally, know that our work for you needn’t end with transcription. In fact, any custom request can be integrated into our services for you. This includes: extracting information from previous reports so the doctor doesn’t have to re-dictate, researching proper nouns/people’s names/place names online or via telephone. Think of us in that way as something of extension of your in-house staff.
Why Miami Transcription?

No outsourcing overseas
All dictation will be transcribed according to your formatting requirements by our U.S.-based, native-English-speaking transcriptionists, each with an average of 10 years of experience transcribing all specialties. We promise in writing to never outsource your work overseas!

Turnaround time
Documents would be returned to you within 24 to 48 hours. Should you ever need them returned more rapidly, this can always be accelerated to meet your specific needs.

Stat requests supported
We gladly accommodate stat requests, should you ever need a document transcribed immediately. In these situations, documents can be transcribed, sent through quality assurance, and returned to you as soon as humanly possible, at no additional charge.

24x7x365 customer service
We provide first class customer service. We make ourselves available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. And if there’s ever a problem that we couldn’t solve over the phone, we can be at your door promptly and solve the problem in person at no additional charge.

Personal pledge
As the owner of Miami Transcription, I pledge to you my personal commitment to your total satisfaction. I believe in working to build long-term relationships with my clients, and always going the extra mile to make them happier than they ever imagined they could be with a transcription service. (After all, my success depends on your satisfaction!)

Other Transcription Categories


Study notes, lectures, interviews, dissertations and meetings.


Digital files, audio tape and telephone recordings.


Meeting minutes, interviews, conference calls and letters.

Church & Religious

Weekly sermons, special programs, lessons and meeting notes.

Conference & Seminar

Events, keynotes, presentations and educational sessions.


Annual reports, corporate results, press releases and surveys.


Meetings, conferences,
and focus groups.


Medical evaluations, claim meetings, case studies and reports.


Journalistic, job interviews, screenings and case studies.

Law Enforcement

Reports, IA, recorded evidence, and statements.


Trials, depositions, interviews and phone recordings.

Market Research

Focus groups, interviews, events and group discussion.


Meetings, conference calls, study results and presentations.


Audio blogs, interviews, reviews and talk shows.

Private Investigation

Recorded calls, interviews and other concealed recordings.


Captions, subtitles and timecoding for all video formats.